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Why you need a website

You might have a Facebook page. And maybe it even looks good, showing some nice pictures and regular posts.
So why – you might think – do I need a website? (Already convinced that you do? Jump right down to our web development service).

Ι Let us tell you why.

In the West, not everyone has a Facebook account. Older people don’t have Facebook, and young people don’t have Facebook either, as they are much more into Snapchat and Instagram.
If your business is relying on people finding you on Facebook, you’re automatically excluding several demographics from your customer base. As they have no way of finding you.

Even if they have a Facebook account, people from Europe and other Western countries use Google to find anything they need during their holiday: from Restaurants, over Tailors and Beauty Salons, to Airport Transport Services.

Vietnam, and especially Hoi An and Da Nang, is currently experiencing an explosion of tourist numbers and Western expats.

Ι Don’t miss out on the increasing number of tourists!

Your website is the only channel you have full control over and can decide on what you want the user to see. Use this platform to display the best foods, products or services you offer.

Ι We connect your Social Media Channels with your website.

Having a website doesn’t mean deleting your Social Media Account. Let’s link them with your website, offering a holistic experience to your customers. Here are a few common channels used by businesses in Vietnam:

  • Facebook
  • Tripadvisor
  • Foody.vn
  • Vietnammm
  • Twitter
  • Youtube

Check out the websites we did for other clients in Vietnam and Taiwan. You might like what you see. Or contact us for more information.


Ι Some of our Web Development Services include …


    • WordPress based Website, which makes change of content possible for you, without any programming skills
    • Multi-Language Functionality and Content
    • Google Maps Integration
    • Photo Galleries: You provide the pictures or take up our Photography Service
    • Video Integration
    • Social Media Integration
    • Contact forms
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Google Analytics for user tracking
    • WordPress Training, so your staff can update and change content themselves