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We let Google find you.

Search Engine Optimization

Today, most websites get accessed through search engines, with Google being the best known one worldwide. So listing your website with Google is crucial for your business. If your business is not found on Google, it is as if it wouldn’t exist.

We can help Google find, crawl and index your website, plus rank it higher than others of the same field. The algorithm used by Google has been changing a lot over the last years, and will also change in the future.

Ι See below a selection of our SEO services to boost your website:

  • Onpage-SEO including Meta Descriptions, Keyword Optimization, and more
  • Blog: SEO-optimized Articles for your Blog (see languages we offer)
  • Responsive Web Design for great usability on mobile devices
  • SEO-Analysis of existing website
  • Google Analytics for user journey tracking and continuous optimization
  • Google Webmaster Tools for quicker and error-free indexing of your website through Google